Do You Have a PCP?

One of the most common struggles after GBS is the fatigue. Ohhhhh the fatigue. I’m not talking mid afternoon yawns and you need a cup of coffee. I’m talking mid afternoon debilitating fatigue. Struggling to move fatigue. I assumed this fatigue, my fatigue, was normal for a GBS’er. I had accepted that this fatigue was part of my life now and I had to learn to live with it.

Or did I? I was discussing my GBS recovery with my lady doctor and she asked who my Primary Care Provider was. I didn’t have one. She was shocked and gave me a list of recommended PCPs. I read some reviews online and then picked the PCP that was easiest to schedule with (online appointment booking is my fav).

My two biggest issues post GBS included the debilitating fatigue and my digestive system. GBS had completely shut down my digestive system and it was still struggling over a year later. Dr. DeCastro jumped right in and wanted to know everything about my GBS and sincerely wanted to help me. The first step was a full blood work analysis. She was concerned that what I thought was just post GBS recovery, was actually something else.

Turns out she was right. My labs showed that I was severely anemic. Like real bad yall. Anemia is always a symptom of a problem, so now we had to find the problem. The easiest first step was to start taking an iron supplement. So I picked up my prescription iron supplement and hoped for the best. Pro tip: there are certain factors that help your body utilize iron supplements, so make sure you talk to your doctor before haphazardly buying an iron supplement and then becoming frustrated when it doesn’t work. Also, it will stop you up real bad. I take a magnesium supplement that has been a HUGE help to my slow digestive system.

After a month of taking the iron supplements, I went back in for another round of labs. I am extremely happy to report that my hemoglobin and hematocrit numbers have improved. Technically I’m still anemic BUT I’m heading in the right direction. I actually have hope of returning to the life I had before GBS and that’s the greatest gift that any doctor could ever give me. In summary, get yourself a good PCP.

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