What helps?

I’m not a doctor so none of this is medical advice. However, I am a GBS fighter and I want to share the things that have helped me with this battle.

In the hospital

Memory foam mattress pad: I had excruciating back pain and the hard hospital beds certainly did not help. My mom bought an inexpensive memory foam mattress pad for my hospital bed and it was a huge help.

Moisturizing everything: from good moisturizing body wash to lotion for extra dry skin. Hospitals are dry environments and the soap they give you is harsh. Showering takes A LOT out of you so it’s easier to enjoy the experience when you’re being bathed with quality products that smell good and don’t strip your skin of any last bit of moisture. Make sure a moisturizing body lotion is applied and rubbed in well (as much as you can tolerate) because bed sores are real and it’s important to keep your skin in good condition. Also, my lips got super chapped. Try to keep a good lip balm on them as much as possible.

Straws: If I tried to drink straight from a cup it would just pour out all over me. Straws are key. Food that’s easy to eat is also important when only half of your mouth works. You can’t really bite into anything.

Elastic shoelaces: I already had elastic shoelaces on my sneakers but it was a HUGE help. They’re super cheap on Amazon and there are a bunch of different options and colors. Basically elastic everything because zipping, buttoning, tying just isn’t going to happen.

At home

My pink walker: so I left the hospital with a regular walker but the wheels were small, it didn’t glide well and I felt like an old lady. Mom ordered this fancy pink walker for me off Amazon and it was awesome. The pockets helped me be more independent and carry stuff. The wheels went over rough terrain easier. It folds up super small. Just so much better than a (cheap) hospital walker.

Fuzzy socks: Don’t try to walk with them on because you might slip and fall but when my feet are feeling cold and numb I cannot sleep without wearing fuzzy socks. Pre-GBS I could never sleep with socks on but now I keep them all over my apartment for whenever my feet feel cold and numb.

Shower bench: I wouldn’t have been able to shower by myself without this shower bench. Part of it extends over the edge of the tub so you can sit down and then slide in instead of stepping over the tub wall. A hand held shower head is also key.

Omega supplements: Remember, I’m not a doctor. But omega oils help your body repair the myelin around your nerves that the GBS destroyed. You can buy the supplements just about anywhere that sells supplements. Talk to your doctor and see if they have a brand they’d recommend.

Align: Yall it’s about to get real. GBS shut down my entire digestive system. This is the only thing that helped. I still take one every single night before bed. You don’t want the nasty details. Just trust me on this one.

And last but not least, my holy grail item that I don’t go anywhere without…. Ugg slippers


Mine have been beat to hell but nothing soothes the crazy nerve pain in my feet like these bad boys. The thick soles provide a lot of stability and keep me from slipping on any surface. I take them with me everywhere. Even when it’s 100*+ outside, I wear these around my apartment. I wish I could sleep in them. Buy whatever brand/style you like but if you have pins and needles in your feet, get yourself a pair of cozy shoes/slippers. Otherwise I feel like I’m walking on nails.

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